Radiofrequency Surgery

with Surgitron

Fraser Clinic’s radiofrequency surgery allows for safe and effective removal of benign raised moles, seborrhoeic warts and skin tags.

This procedure does not require the use of stitches and usually results in minimal to no scarring. It can also be used to treat seborrheic hyperplasia.

All procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic, with the removal of the lesion leaving a flat raw area to heal with new skin over 7 to 10 days. Treated areas are usually covered with skin coloured steristrips during the healing phase.

Pigmented naevi, either raised or flat, require a close examination by a Doctor to exclude the possibility of melanoma or other types of skin cancer.

Raised Moles

Usually brown circular lumps that appear to sit on top of the skin and are often cosmetically unacceptable to the client. Lesions need to be viewed by a Doctor with a dermascope to give a clear view of the lesion before removal.

Skin Tags

Small outgrowths of skin which are often multiple and have a tendency to grow under the breasts, underarms and around the neck. They are quickly and effectively removed with Surgitron.

Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Unsightly superficial growths on the top of the skin with a typically ‘cobblestone’ appearance and can vary from deeply pigmented, solitary or multiple. These treat extremely well with Surgitron and where multiple, may need to be treated in several sessions.