Cosmeceutical Skin Care

At Fraser Clinic we believe all of our clients deserve beautiful skin. That’s why we offer only medical grade scientifically proven cosmeceutical skincare to effectively target all signs of ageing for visibly younger, healthier looking skin. We also stock the Aspect Dr range of mineral makeup and the lash and eyebrow enhancing serums – Lilash and LiBrow.

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are products that sit part way between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical. They contain active ingredients that are known to be beneficial to the skin at a cellular level.

Formulated to be beyond just skincare, cosmeceuticals are for repair and regeneration of skin. The vast majority are antiaging, containing active ingredients that have been tested and proven to be particularly effective in evening out skin tone and pigmentation and reducing and preventing fine lines.

Critically, cosmeceuticals deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients at a cellular level. Many over the counter brands may list ingredients such as Retinol and vitamins but the quality and concentration of these ingredients is generally of a less effective level.

Cosmeceuticals are able to offer higher concentrations of active ingredients because of their rigorous scientific research and development process. They’re generally only available from a specialist clinic.

What products are right for me?

We are able to create a skincare programme based on your individual skin condition and concerns to coincide with your clinic treatments to manage and maintain your skin whilst optimising results.

Our active skincare ranges assist in the regeneration of your skin and speed up this process by incorporating retinols, alpha hydroxy acids, repair enzymes, antioxidants and growth factors to exfoliate and nourish your skin. With time, the active ingredients will assist in reducing the signs of ageing and improve both your skin tone and texture.

The basic tenent of good skin care is protection and Fraser Clinic offers a range of quality SPF sun protection products for effective UVA and UVB protection.

The Celazome Lyphosomal SPF products imported from the USA offer optimal daily protection and moisturisation.

The Fraser Clinic Product Range

  • Skin Better Science
  • Aspect Dr
  • Cosmedix
  • Cosmedix Elite
  • LiLash
  • LiBrow