Botulinum Toxin Anti Wrinkle Treatment

With over 20 million treatments worldwide and a well proven track record of safety and efficacy, Botulinum Toxin is arguably the most popular cosmetic treatment for facial lines and wrinkles at Fraser Clinic.

Known popularly as “Botox”, Botulinum A Toxin is distributed in NZ under 3 main brands:  Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. All contain the active ingredient Botulinum A toxin and will safely and effectively treat your lines and wrinkles.

What is it?

Botulinum A Toxin is a purified protein derived from a naturally occurring bacterium. It has been used in medicine for many years to treat various neuromuscular conditions and more recently over the last 25 years for cosmetic enhancement.

How does it work?

Its mode of action is to block impulses from the nerve to the muscle thereby relaxing the muscles ability to contract, leaving the overlying skin smoother and less wrinkled. Within a couple of days, the muscles start to relax and the lines soften. Maximum effect will be at two weeks and will last for up to four months. Repeated treatments can enhance the longevity of results.

What can we treat?

Botulinum Toxin is effective for the treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows that can make us appear grumpy or even aggressive, horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, lines around the mouth, and chin dimples.  Treatment can also be effective for control of tension headaches and excessive underarm sweating, with the effects of one treatment often lasting beyond 9 months.

Who can’t have treatment?

You cannot have treatment if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have any inflammation or infection in the area of treatment, suffer from any neuromuscular disorders such as Myasthenia Gravis, Eaton Lambert Syndrome or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Caution is needed if you are taking some antibiotics such as Gentamicin, which may potentiate the effect of the treatment.

What can go wrong?

Side effects are mostly related to those associated with injection such as a small bruise or slight sting on injection. Any redness can be disguised with a little mineral makeup before you leave the clinic.

An inappropriately placed injection could lead to a dropped brow or eyelid. We practice a conservative approach to Botulinum treatment at Fraser Clinic, preferring our clients to look refreshed – not frozen. We like to review treatments at two weeks and, if necessary, add a small top-up dose to perfect the result.

Fraser Clinic has been safely and expertly delivering Botulinum treatments to happy clients for the past 20 years. Come in for a consultation with our medical professionals to see if it’s right for you.

Talk to your specialist about the benefits/risks of this procedure in appearance medicine.