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Dermal Fillers

  • Rapid correction of fine lines and wrinkles & volume loss
  • Safe, effective, office based treatments.
  • Wide selection of products to match the treatment.
  • From fine wrinkles to volume and contour enhancement.

The Fraser Clinic team has 15 years experience in selecting the best product for you and are experts in using dermal fillers to help recover a more youthful appearance.

dermal_filler_1_1.jpgAs we age, the density of collagen in our skin starts to diminish as the regeneration of new collagen fibres slows down. Years of exposure to the sun speed up this process. As a result we develop fine lines and wrinkles, and can lose the youthful shape to our facial contours.

These lines can be filled out by injecting one of the dermal fillers just under the skin to plump it up. Upper lip lines, smile lines and naso-labial folds (from the nose down to the mouth) are the most common areas injected. Augmentation or 'plumping up' of the lips is also a very popular procedure for women who like a slightly fuller mouth.

There are a number of dermal filler products on the market and we can offer an experienced appearance medicine practitioner, who you can trust to listen to your needs and then recommend which product is best suited to you.

Over the recent years at Fraser Clinic, in line with trends elsewhere, we have tended to use the clear Hyaluronon Gels, such as Restylane and Esthelis. These products are now the main products we use at the clinic, based on their track record of safety, ease of use, and the wonderful, natural soft look which we achieve with these products. Whether it be plumping out fine lines around the mouth, or improving the contour of the ageing face by regaining fullness in the naso labial lines or oral comissures, or giving more fullness to the midface region by plumping out the tear troughs, or augmenting the natural shape of the malar cheek bones.

A natural consequence of aging is to lose fullness in the midface. Dermal fillers are used to rejuvenate & re-contour this area to enhance the overall shape of the face.

The procedure is done at the clinic and takes approximately one hour. Makeup may be applied directly afterwards so no-one need know where you have been! The results are instant.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the treatment take ?  We allow an hour for most treatments. This allows us to discuss your individual needs and tailor your appropriate treatment plan.

Can I return to work straight after? Yes you can. It is not uncommon to have a little residual redness(erythema) after the product has been injected and if required we will apply a medical grade makeup concealer.  
Lip enhancement may have residual swelling for 24 hours post treatment which is usually concealed with a neutral lip colour.

How long does the correction last ? From 5 to 9 months typically for most Hyaluronon products, depending on where on the face the product is used and whether you are having the treatment for the first time or not. Modelis or can last up to 12 to 18 months or longer in some cases.

What could go wrong ? In expert hands this is a very safe procedure. Infection is always foremost on our minds when we inject an implant into the skin. With good aseptic technique, these modern products have an extremely low incidence of infection. Provided the product is injected into the correct tissue level in the skin, the usual result is smooth and natural looking.  Some minor bruising may also occur but this is usually easily covered with a good makeup concealer.

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